A type of hair dye tool-hair dye apron
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A type of hair dye tool-hair dye apron

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Hair dyeing apron is one of the necessary tools for hair dyeing. This should be regarded as an auxiliary tool for hair dyeing, because hair dyeing is not only changing the hair color, but also paying attention not to dirty the clothes, because it is difficult to wash off if the hair dye is accidentally put on the clothes. Maybe many people have been distressed by accidentally soiling their clothes.

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l The hair dye apron

l Advantage of disposable hair dye apron


The hair dye apron

Hair dyeing apron should be worn before hair dyeing. You must be careful, because you wear this to prevent hair dye from soiling your clothes. If you wear it carelessly, it will not achieve its most useful effect. There are many types of hair dye apron,such as plastic, hair coloring capes, cutting hair capes, barber capes, barber disposable capes.In order to be convenient and cost-effective, many people now use disposable aprons, and they will also give disposable aprons when they buy hair dyes that can dye their hair at home.Lightweight, environmentally friendly, durable and waterproof, the disposable and convenient hair dye apron is designed for use. It keeps clothes neat, clean and stain-free, and is a versatile disposable plastic apron that can be used for haircuts, hair coloring, coloring, shampooing, perms, bleaching, bread maintenance, shaving and makeup. This disposable hair dye for clients is professional and trouble-free, perfect for barbers, hairdressers, salons and makeup artists.

  Among many hair dyeing aprons, disposable hair dyeing aprons stand out and are welcomed by many people. It is professional hair dye tool, it is adjustable neck strap, easy to wear. Disposable hair dye apron, without cleaning, can be replaced at any time. Transparent PE material, waterproof and dustproof, suitable for hairdressing. It is used to cover hair cutting and protect clothes from pollution during hair dyeing.

Advantage of disposable hair dye apron

1)It is disposable. Convenient, lightweight,  health conscious disposable hair dye apron keeps clothes tidy, clean, and stain free. This disposable hair dye apron is environmental-friendly.

2)It's multi-function. This Hair dye apron is suitable for any hair styling or hair care needs such as; hair cutting, hair dyeing, hair coloring, shampooing, perming, bleaching, bread maintain and shaving. All purpose salon cape is also great for makeup application.

3)It is waterproof. Long salon apron keeps water, hair products, coloring dyes off of clothes.

4)It can use in home or salon. Hair coloring and cutting apron is great for at home and salon needs.

5)It is durable. High quality lightweight waterproof plastic salon apron material doesn’t rip easily.

6)It is easy to clean.This disposable waterproof cape keeps clothes clean during styling, with easy clean up and storage. One-time use salon apron is wash free and trouble free. Keep your station clean and professional at all times.

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