Advantages and disadvantages of PE neckerchief made of fibre plastic
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Advantages and disadvantages of PE neckerchief made of fibre plastic

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There is a Pe Apron that is made of fibre material. This PE neckerchief fibre material is divided into artificial fibre and natural fibre. This article briefly describes the advantages and disadvantages of man-made fibres and synthetic fibres PE neckerchief. The following is an introduction to PE neckerchiefs made of different fibres:

1.Regenerated fibre PE neckerchief

2.Synthetic fibre PE neckerchief

Regenerated fibre PE neckerchief

Regenerated fibre PE neckerchief has the same chemical composition as natural cellulose, but its physical structure has changed, so it is called regenerated cellulose fibre. Such as viscose fibre, acetate fibre, copper ammonia fibre, etc. Features: soft feel, good lustre, good moisture absorption, good breathability, good dyeing performance (not easy to fade). The disadvantage is poor wet fastness, that is, the strength becomes low in the water.

Synthetic fibre PE neckerchief

Synthetic fibre PE neckerchief has good strength and abrasion resistance, is stiff, not easily deformed, has the reputation of not ironing, and is not easily faded. The disadvantage is poor water absorption. Features: High strength and good abrasion resistance. Disadvantages: like polyester, moisture absorption and breathability are not good.

Acrylic fibre, characteristics: polishability than wool and silk fibre. But the abrasion resistance is poor. In addition, there are nylon, polypropylene, spandex, etc.

Traditional natural fibre fabrics such as pure linen, cotton, etc. have inevitable shortcomings, such as wrinkle resistance, colour difference, surface gloss, brightness, etc., it is difficult to get a fundamental improvement.

Cotton fiber PE neckerchief

Disadvantages are lack of elasticity, not upright, easy to wrinkle; colour fastness is not high, easy to fade; clothing conformability is poor, easy to shrink and lose shape after washing (shrinkage rate is generally around 4% to 12%); especially afraid of acid. When concentrated sulfuric acid contaminates the PE neckerchief, the PE neckerchief will be burned into holes. When the acid accidentally stains the clothes, it should be washed promptly so that the acetic acid does not cause fatal damage to the clothes.

Wool dyed PE neckerchief

The disadvantages are 1. Wool shrinks by rubbing, as the wool fibres stick together (i.e. 20% shrinkage is normal); 2. Wool is easily moth-eaten, and frequent rubbing can cause pilling; 3. Wool is not resistant to light and heat, which is fatal to wool; 4. Wool is especially afraid of alkali, so choose a neutral detergent when cleaning, or it will shrink the wool.

Silk fibre dyed PE neckerchief

Disadvantages.1 Wrinkle resistance is relatively poor; light resistance is very poor, not suitable for long-term exposure to sunlight; it is a protein fibre, especially afraid of alkali; easy to absorb water, not strong enough; fading will occur under light, water, alkali, high temperature and mechanical friction.

Viscose dyed PE neckerchief

Viscose dyed PE neckerchief is made of wood pulp, cotton liner as raw material, from which natural fibres are extracted and finally made into viscose fibre plastic after special processing.

The disadvantages are heavy hand, poor elasticity, easy to fold not straight; not washable, not wear-resistant, easy to pilling, poor dimensional stability, high shrinkage rate; not resistance to alkali, acid.

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