Advantages and disadvantages of fiber dyed neck
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Advantages and disadvantages of fiber dyed neck

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One kind of hair dyeing neck is made of fiber materials. Fiber materials are divided into artificial fiber and natural fiber. This paper briefly describes the advantages of artificial fiber neck and the disadvantages of natural fiber neck

Here is the content list:

l Regenerated fiber hair dyeing cloth

l Synthetic fiber hair dyed cloth


1.Regenerated fiber hair dyeing cloth

Its chemical composition is the same as that of natural cellulose, but its physical structure has changed, so it is called regenerated cellulose fiber. Such as viscose fiber, acetate fiber, copper ammonia fiber, etc., China mainly produces viscose fiber. Features:soft feel, good luster, good moisture absorption, good air permeability, good dyeing performance(not easy to fade). The disadvantage is poor wet fastness, that is, the strength becomes low in water.

2.Synthetic fiber hair dyed cloth

Polyester, features: good strength and wear resistance, crisp, not easy to deform, has the reputation of non ironing, and is not easy to fade. The disadvantage is poor water absorption. Nylon, features: high strength, good wear resistance, ranking first among fibers. Disadvantages: like polyester, moisture absorption and air permeability are not good. Acrylic fiber, features: better polishing than wool and silk fiber.But the wear resistance is poor. In addition, there are vinylon, polypropylene, spandex and so on.

Traditional natural fiber fabrics such as pure hemp and cotton have inevitable disadvantages, such as wrinkle resistance, color difference, surface gloss and brightness, which are difficult to be fundamentally improved.

Cotton fiber dyed neck

Disadvantages: 1.Lack of elasticity and not straight,easy to wrinkle; 2.Color fastness is not high, easy to fade; 3.Poor shape retention of clothes, easy to shrink and lose shape after washing(shrinkage rate is usually about 4%~12%); 4.Especially afraid of acid. When concentrated sulfuric acid contaminates the cotton cloth, the cotton cloth will be burned into holes. When acid(such as vinegar)accidentally gets on the clothes, it should be cleaned in time to avoid fatal damage to the clothes by acetic acid.

Wool dyed neck:

Disadvantages: 1.When the wool is rubbed and rubbed, the wool fibers stick together and shrink(that is, the shrinkage of 20%is normal); 2.Wool is easy to be eaten by insects and pilling will occur due to frequent friction; 3.Wool is not resistant to light and heat, which is fatal to wool; 4.Wool is especially afraid of alkali.Choose neutral detergent when cleaning,otherwise it will shrink the wool.

Silk fiber dyed neck:

Disadvantages: 1.The wrinkle resistance of silk is worse than that of wool; 2.The light resistance of silk is very poor, so it is not suitable to be exposed to the sun for a long time; 3.Silk, like wool, belongs to protein fiber, especially afraid of alkali; 4.Silk clothes suck easily and are not strong enough; 5.Fading occurs under light, water, alkali, high temperature and mechanical friction.

Hemp fiber dyed neck:

Disadvantages: 1.Rough hand feel,not smooth and comfortable to wear, easy to wrinkle and poor drapability; 2.Hemp fiber steel is hard and the holding force is poor.

Viscose dyed neck:

Viscose fiber takes wood pulp and cotton linter as raw materials, extracts natural fibers from them, and finally makes viscose fiber after special processing.

Disadvantages: 1.Viscose fiber has heavy hand feel, poor elasticity, easy to fold and not straight; 2.It is not washable, wear-resistant, easy to pilling, poor dimensional stability and high shrinkage; 3.Alkali and acid intolerance.

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