Application prospect of CPE Gown
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Application prospect of CPE Gown

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l The present situation of CPE Gown in China

l Market Application Analysis of chemical protective clothing

l Requirements for CPE Gown fabric


The present situation of CPE Gown in China

CPE Gown is designed for medical industries use.It protects the wearer from the outer layer of fluid and particulate material.CPE  Gown is designed for virus protection of front-liner for light to heavy duty use.CPE Gown have 55gsm and free size.CPE  Gown has received multiple certifications,such as CE Certified, Medical Approved,KKM Approved.Each product has its Individual packing.At present, although the chemical protective clothing produced by our own brand has been greatly improved in the level of fabric and technology, there is a lack of systematic design in the material selection and style design of the chemical protective clothing. Many enterprises have the problems of heavy production, light testing, lack or lack of professional testing laboratories, equipment and testing personnel. Huashuang is a PE products leading manufacturer in China, with our rich export experience, high quality products, competitive prices, superior service and on-time delivery, we are certain that we can meet all of your requirements and exceed your expectations. Our future is bright with new cooperative relationships with companies from all over the world.

Market Application Analysis of chemical protective clothing in 2017

According to High Scope’s research, in 2017, the need for chemical protective clothing in the market, fire, petroleum, chemical, military and power construction industry demand is relatively high. With the implementation of the “Made in China 2025” plan and the operation of the “Belt and Road” on the construction of energy, chemical industry and infrastructure in China, the market demand for Chinese chemical protective clothing will continue to grow in the future.

Requirements for CPE Gown fabric

1. The outer fabric needs to have a long-term flame retardant effect as well as the ability to protect. At present, there are two kinds of flame-retardant materials in China: one is to add chemical flame-retardant additives to fibers or to improve the flame-retardant ability of some fabrics, such as flame-retardant cotton and other materials. In the case of such materials, the price is reasonable and easy to be accepted, but after many times of washing, the flame retardancy of such materials obviously decreases until it disappears, so the instability of such materials should be paid attention to when using them. The material in another kind of fabric has strong resistance to chemical corrosion and high temperature because of its chemical structure.

2. The outer fabric of chemical protective clothing must have strong anti-static ability. In many chemical plants, large-scale heavy industry enterprises, as a result of electrostatic fire incidents are common. Chemical Protective clothing on the fabric of this high performance requirements, can reduce or eliminate harmful static electricity, in the explosive inflammable workplace can enhance the staff of the Factor of safety.

3. The outer fabric of the chemical protective clothing should have strong reflective performance. As smoke often fills the air when firefighters are on the scene of a fire, it is not enough for firefighters to rely on natural light alone. In particular, when carrying out rescue operations at night, it is necessary for firefighters to make signs with strong reflective capability on their chemical protective clothing. This not only helps to enhance the visual range of fire personnel, but also provides convenience for their overall scheduling and command.

4. The outer fabric of the chemical protective clothing should have strong air permeability and waterproof performance. The new type of chemical protective clothing must have these two seemingly contradictory and inseparable characteristics. When the firemen are in the fire, they need to use water to put out the fire.

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