Introduce the knowledge of PE apron
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Introduce the knowledge of PE apron

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PE apron is one of the tools used in barber stores to give haircuts to customers, PE apron is one of them, there are tied, sticky, bib type, etc. The main role of the PE apron is to prevent hair from falling into the customer's clothes, sometimes the barber himself will also bring a PE apron. PE apron is used for a long time, it is easy to stain broken hair, less if you can spray water and sweep off, if, In addition, the haircut apron should also be cleaned regularly.

1. Introduction of PE apron types

2. PE apron sticky hair how to do

Introduction to the types of PE apron

There are many types of Pe Apron, which can be divided into lace-up haircut apron, sticky haircut apron, lace-up sticky apron 2 in 1, PE apron, etc. But no matter which PE apron it is, it is required to be soft, waterproof, anti-static, dirty resistant, wearable and breathable. Among them are

1) Hairdressing apron: This is the same as a hairdressing apron, but hairdressers use more aprons than customers do, so hairdressing aprons are longer in size, dirt-resistant, wearable, breathable and suitable for long-term wear, which is different from hairdressing aprons.

2) Hair dyeing apron: As the name implies, it is used when dyeing hair. But, at least in China, hair dyeing and hair cutting are done in the same place and at the same time. Hair dye and hair cut are completely separate and are made by various brands of hair dye and hair dye cream for product promotion while letting the hair dye wrap independently.

PE apron sticky hair how to do

PE apron can prevent hair from falling into clothes, but after using it for a long time, PE apron will also have a lot of residual broken hair on it, which is not only very solid, but also difficult to wash off, so how can PE apron sticky hair?

If there are only a few long strands of hair on it, sprinkle some water or spray some water on it with a spray bottle, and then take it down by hand or with a haircut sponge.

If there is more hair on the PE apron, it is necessary to use tools, you can use a tearable sticky hair roller to roll on the PE apron until clean, or use transparent tape to stick down the hair.

The best way is to regularly clean the haircut apron, PE apron is not like a home apron will be stained with cooking oil, but over time will also breed bacteria because of hair oil, so you need to wash it regularly. PE apron clean put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry. If it is disposable just throw it away.

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