Introduction of several materials of CPE Gown
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Introduction of several materials of CPE Gown

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New CPE Gown materials, of which woven and nonwoven fabrics and composite materials are the three most important process forms of CPE Gown. If we divide them by material type, there are the following.

1. CPE Gown made of polypropylene

2. CPE Gown made of wood pulp and polyester fibre

3. SMS or SMMS CPE Gown

4. CPE Gown made by coating with polymers

CPE Gown made of polypropylene

Polypropylene material has the function of anti-bacteria and anti-static after simple treatment. Compared with cotton, CPE Gown made of polypropylene is inexpensive and disposable, so it was well-received at home and abroad at the beginning of its use. However, polypropylene material also has shortcomings, it does not have very high water resistance pressure under static conditions so that the barrier effect on the virus is not strong, therefore, the application is relatively not very wide.

CPE Gown of wood pulp and polyester fibre

This composite material made of medical supplies has good resistance to alcohol, blood and oil, is non-adhesive, as well as high-temperature resistance, can use high-temperature sterilization or ultraviolet disinfection, the texture is very soft. However, like polypropylene, this composite material is not very resistant to hydrostatic pressure, so it is not the most ideal CPE Gown material.


The melt-blown fabric has the advantages of large fibre surface area, good drapability, fine dimensional diameter, low filtration resistance, fluffy, soft, strong hydrostatic pressure resistance and high filtration efficiency, and its matching spunbond fabric is fibre tissue with high linear density, plus the physical structure of winding, the tensile strength and abrasion resistance of SMS or SMMS CPE Gown are very good, but its relatively low strength and poor abrasion resistance are the bottlenecks that limit its development.

CPE Gown of SMS or SMMS is a better composite material because of its respective advantages, plus certain physical combination and processing process made of CPE Gown of SMS material not only has good resistance to germs invasion but also has excellent strength and toughness. The advantages of this composite material are its beautiful appearance, high resistance to hydrostatic pressure, very good texture and feel, good breathability, good filtration effect and strong resistance to acid and alkali. After some process treatment, it also has strong resistance to viruses, serums and chemicals. As a result, the finished SMS CPE Gown is well received by users. However, its protection against solid visible particles is not yet very strong, and its protection against some infectious diseases or epidemic areas is not yet as effective as it should be.

CPE Gown with a polymer coating

CPE Gown made from polymer materials has excellent barrier properties to viruses, blood and chemicals. At present, both polyethenes, polyvinyl chloride and other polymer materials are not very good in terms of permeability and breathability and are used as a last resort during the SARS period. The latest progress in the use of advanced materials such as microporous polytetrafluoroethylene film and fabric composites, this material is expensive and made after only disposable use, the cost is higher.

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