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Types of hair dye toolS

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There are many hair dyeing tools, such as hair dyeing brushes, dye mixing bowls, hair dyeing aprons, hair dyeing gloves, and so on. This article will introduce you to these hair dyeing tools and teach you the steps if you want to dye your own hair.

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l Types of hair dye tool

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Types of hair dye tool

1) Hair dye bowl:The hair dye bowl contains the hair dye formula. Some hair dyeing bowls have a support to place the hair dyeing brush, or a rubber base to prevent the hair dyeing bowl from sliding; some also have scales for accurate mixing. The hair bowl and brush are usually used when using hair dyeing products with high viscosity.

2) Hair dyeing comb:One end is a nylon brush, which is used to apply hair dye, and the other end is a pointed tail, which can be used to divide hair. The hair dyeing brush has a variety of shapes and sizes. The choice of hair dyeing brush depends on the size of the hair dyeing area and the desired effect.

3) Plastic coating bottle: Dress up and dye your hair. The bottle mouth is conical and can be used to divide hair and apply (distribute) hair dye; The bottle body has a scale, which can be used for measurement. It is usually used when using liquid products.

4) Measuring tool:A tool with a measuring scale. The measuring units include ounces, milliliters or centimeters. It is used to measure the proportion of formula.

5) Tinfoil / hair dye:When dyeing hair, the interwoven hair bundle or hair piece is separated from the untreated hair, which can also prevent the penetration and interleaving of hair dyes.

6) Pointed tail comb:It is used to comb and divide hair, one end of fine teeth is used to comb hair, and one end of sharp tail is used to divide hair.

7) Wide tooth comb:It is used to distribute hair dyes to produce special effects and comb through hair knots. Comb your hair. One end of the pointed tail is used to divide your hair.

8) Hair dye apron:hair dye apron also can keep your clothes clean.hair dye apron  is lightweight, waterproof and not easy to tear, keeping your clothes clean and tidy when you are having your hair dyed.

When you cut or dye hair at home, maybe often get your clothes dirty. Some things like dyed and broken hair are not easy to clean. Use this disposable cloth before dyeing or cutting hair, you don't have to worry about this problem. After use, it can be wiped clean and air-dry, reused next time, or it can be thrown away directly, especially convenient.

In the hairdressing salon, the use of this disposable cloth, even the most clean customer-as the first user-will feel very comfortable.

The steps

1) Reserve a hair root of 1.5mm, take a small rubbing parallel hair piece, hold it with one hand, brush the color repeatedly with a brush with the other hand, brush it thoroughly, and then rub the hair piece with your hand to make the hair dye fully wrap each hair.

2) Put a long piece of cotton under the hair piece and press it gently with your hair to avoid staining your scalp. Then apply a layer of hair dye on the outside of the hair piece.

3) First operate from the lower area, then operate the upper two areas, and finally operate the top two areas.

4) After all operations are completed, wait 20 minutes. Be careful not to heat. One of the consequences of heating is uneven heat, resulting in mottled color, and the other is the problem of health and safety. Although there is no final conclusion whether hair dyes are harmful to health, prevention is still the main thing, because the pores of the skin open under high temperature, which is more likely to cause the invasion of harmful substances.

5) Hair root staining. Wait 20 to 30 minutes. Brush the hair dye again from the root of the hair, and brush every hair of the whole bundle of hair. The sequence still follows step 3.

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