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  • Application prospect of CPE Gown


    Here is the content list:l The present situation of CPE Gown in Chinal Market Application Analysis of chemical protective clothingl Requirements for CPE Gown fabricThe present situation of CPE Gown in ChinaCPE Gown is designed for medical industries use.It protects the wearer from the outer layer of Read More

  • Types of hair dye toolS


    There are many hair dyeing tools, such as hair dyeing brushes, dye mixing bowls, hair dyeing aprons, hair dyeing gloves, and so on. This article will introduce you to these hair dyeing tools and teach you the steps if you want to dye your own hair.Here is the content list:l Types of hair dye tooll T Read More

  • Introduction of PE apron


    PE apron is made of PE material, waterproof, dustproof, airtight, lightweight,transparent color, non-toxic and odorless, safe to use, not easy to tear, high-quality material. This product can better cover your clothes and shoes, provide you with a hair dyeing experience without confusion and trouble Read More

  • Correct ways of using hair dye tools


    Now, many people have a lot of hair dyeing needs for a variety of reasons. Hair dyeing has become a very common thing, and there are many hair dyeing tools. Now we can go to the salon to find a barber to help dye our hair, or we can dye our hair at home. Hair dyeing is not a difficult thing. Do you Read More

  • A type of hair dye tool-hair dye apron


    Hair dyeing apron is one of the necessary tools for hair dyeing. This should be regarded as an auxiliary tool for hair dyeing, because hair dyeing is not only changing the hair color, but also paying attention not to dirty the clothes, because it is difficult to wash off if the hair dye is accidenta Read More

  • A type of hair dye tool-Hair Dye Brushes


    Hair dyeing brush is one of the necessary tools for hair dyeing. Hair dyeing is to color the hair, and hair dyeing brush is a necessary tool to color the hair. Other tools can also be used, but the effect must not be as good as that of brush.Here is the content list:l The Hair Dye Brushesl How does Read More

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